A committed health partner…

“Laya is truly a committed partner in my quest to be healthy in every way. I feel totally “known” and seen by her and that I’m in good hands. She is clearly passionate and skilled and gifted. I recommend her for whatever ails you.”
— S. Cantor, Hospitality Wizard

Powerful beyond measure…

“Laya is powerful beyond measure. Her presence is sacred and offers a space where authenticity and truth are easily revealed. She is intuitive and brilliant to her approach with life and clients. Being highly trained in both acupuncture and coaching she is the full package of combining body, energy, and the mind. She plays a big game and is taking the world by storm. I feel honored to have worked with and to know such an amazing woman.”
— Kimberly Johnson, Revolutionary Living and Leadership Coach,
The Revolutionary Living Institute

Laya is invaluable…

“Laya was my personal coach for approximately 6 months during a particularly difficult time in my life – new career, divorce after almost 30 years, family death, moving cross country, building my first home and ultimately getting to know who I was again! She was invaluable! Her keen insights and probing questions took me to places in my psyche I didn’t even know were there – truly needed! Her advice and support on self-care was vital in the discovery of my issues, options and the recovery of my self-confidence. Laya is a great coach (for me, quasi-therapist) and I would highly recommend her to anyone, and especially lost souls such as me.”
— B. Lewis, Insurance Maven

A beautiful intuitive skill to support you…

“Laya offers a healing presence like no other. Her authentic approach to living and interacting with her clients adds to her deep healing knowledge and touch. She not only brings extensive training in acupuncture and health coaching, but she also brings a beautiful intuitive skill to support you on whatever journey you are on.”
— Tessa Chittle, Revolutionary Life & Business Strategist,
The Revolutionary Living Institute

Sessions leave you feeling satisfied and complete…

“Coaching with Laya is like having the experience of a best friend behaving like a best friend – putting your interests front and center, providing a mirror to your thoughts, being totally present and having both the wisdom and the courage to be honest with what you need to hear so that at the end of each session, you feel satisfied and complete.”
— Barbara Bellman

A spiritual knowingness to her approach…

“Laya brings a spiritual knowingness to her approach for assessing and treating. She imparts a confidence in her patients so we fully receive and assist in our own healing.”
— Kirk H.