Are You Truly Authentic?

Are You Truly Authentic?

Are you honest and transparent when you interact with others?authenticity

Some people feel repressed from events of their childhood.  They can’t express themselves freely and they live with resentment.

Some people fear rejection so they withdraw and hide. They feel exhausted by the masks they wear.

I have been inauthentic in my life too. 

I have let my own self judgment and my fear of what others might think influence what I say and do. When I’m inauthentic I feel unloved and disconnected. I feel alone.  

How do we make the compromises it takes to live in community and still be truly authentic? 

The answer is in a new definition of Authenticity.  

Consider the current definition of the word Authentic: True to one’s nature or beliefs. Our nature or beliefs do play a part in our authenticity but they do not define it.
To be truly authentic is to notice your own unique experience and express it.
More than to anyone else, we must learn be authentic with ourselves. 
Now is the time to get know yourself. Now is the time to experience the inspiration and joy that spring from living a truly authentic life.