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Balance Your Insulin, Lose Your Belly

Balance Your Insulin, Lose Your Belly

waist measuringMeet my client Marcie.

Tired of a lifetime of abuse by the little voice inside her head Marcie enrolled in a 12-week coaching series with me last fall.  She wanted to lose weight, but more importantly Marcie wanted to feel more comfortable in her body.

Like many of us, Marcie suffered with belly fat.  She was a conscious eater, never stopping at a drive through and rarely choosing packaged foods.  She had reduced her red meat intake preferring chicken as her main source of protein and was not fond of fish.  Marcie loved fruit and ate Mexican food often.  She ate whole, organic bread, grains and cereal.  And yet, even though Marcie was making good whole food choices, she carried 30 extra pounds that was with her since she birthed her son 20 years ago.  Totally frustrated Marcie came to me for help.

How could such clean eating lead to excess weight and belly fat?

Can a calorie, which is a measurement of available energy, behave differently depending upon what it is made of? The answer is yes, and the explanation lies in understanding the function of the hormone insulin.  Continue reading