The Secret To Uncovering Your Purpose

The Secret To Uncovering Your Purpose

People ask me why, when I had a thriving, well-established acupuncture practice, I returned to school to become a coach.  Good question. My answer? So that I could create a life of inspiration, joy, satisfaction and alignment!

Let me explain. I feel my healing hands are a gift I was given and using them is part of what I’m here to do, yet there is much more for me to offer. It is my purpose to help women and men who seek a more meaningful life, to deepen their satisfaction, live with more peace, and celebrate abundant love – regardless of the circumstances around them. That is why I modified my acupuncture practice in favor of working with coaching clients to help them create the life of their dreams.

Coaching begins by doing the work to uncover the clients unique purpose as they begin to build self respect and clarity, awaken their vibrant life force, and ignite their passion. Everyday actions become a playing field for authentic expression, satisfaction and joy.

I’ve done the work myself and I know how to guide others to succeed.

Do you know what you were born to do?
Are you living a life filled with deep meaning?
Are you feeling inspired and empowered each day?
Are you making a contribution that no one can make but you?

If your answer is NO, read on.


Most people don’t know how to find great meaning in their lives. I’d like to share with you A SECRET FIRST STEP to uncovering your purpose, one that you can begin today.

The secret to uncovering your unique purpose is to identify your biggest challenge. Why is that? Because our biggest challenge, the thing that has grabbed the most amount of our attention over the years and formed our character, is what points us towards our unique purpose.

Answer this question: What is it that you’d like most to change in your life? Consider the possibility your answer may actually be the compass that pointing you toward the path of creating the life of your dreams.

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