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The Secret To Uncovering Your Purpose

The Secret To Uncovering Your Purpose

People ask me why, when I had a thriving, well-established acupuncture practice, I returned to school to become a coach.  Good question. My answer? So that I could create a life of inspiration, joy, satisfaction and alignment!

Let me explain. I feel my healing hands are a gift I was given and using them is part of what I’m here to do, yet there is much more for me to offer. It is my purpose to help women and men who seek a more meaningful life, to deepen their satisfaction, live with more peace, and celebrate abundant love – regardless of the circumstances around them. That is why I modified my acupuncture practice in favor of working with coaching clients to help them create the life of their dreams.

Coaching begins by doing the work to uncover the clients unique purpose as they begin to build self respect and clarity, awaken their vibrant life force, and ignite their passion. Everyday actions become a playing field for authentic expression, satisfaction and joy.

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