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Live Your Life Without Regret

Live Your Life Without Regret

I want to ask you a question.  It’s a deep and probing one so get ready!no-regrets

There is one guarantee in this life. You will die. If you are 50 or older, it is very likely that you have maybe 30 more years to live.  That is 1,560 weeks and approximately 11,000 days.

So here is my question to you:  

When all is said and done, will you regret that you did not uncover and take action on your life’s calling before it’s too late?

When I reached my mid-fifties I asked myself this same question.  I had already created a good life but I was exhausted and loosing passion for my work. I was a successful acupuncturist and I was suffering. I craved more self-care, more balance and more joy but believed I could not succeed without personal sacrifice and stress.

The day I asked myself if I would die with regret was the day I committed to uncovering my life’s calling.

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Life’s 3rd Act

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

~ Mary Oliver ~

Life’s 3rd Act

September is my birthday month!  (Scroll down for my gift to you).

Believe it or not, I’ll be 60 years old. This is not what I imagined 60 to be. I’m not old. I’m vibranblack-and-whitetly alive, growing, reaching, learning, and exploring my potential.  I’m launching my teenage daughter, expanding mybusiness, and looking for love. This is not what I expected 60 to look like.  It’s so much better!  This stage of development is called “Life’s 3rd Act” says Jane Fonda in her TedX Women’s talk.  It’s as different from mid-life as childhood is from adolescence. In this stage we are empowered to climb the staircase of the human spirit towards wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity.

So tell me…what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Will you dare to acknowledge your greatest gifts? Will you take the risk to develop and express them? Will you create more happiness by offering your unique gifts to others?  

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Estrogen: The Belly Fat Connection

Estrogen:  The Belly Fat Connection

Are you ready to lose your belly fat, sleep more deeply, improve your mood and increase your energy?Goddess with Belly

A hardy yes is the right answer.  I am.  And, since I’m approaching the “wisdom years”, and belly fat gets harder and harder to loose, I am learning all about the hormone/fat connection in maturing women.  If you’re experiencing the same, come along with me. There is a great amount of new research available on the keys to success.

Loosing belly fat….it’s not as simple as calories in, calories out.

There are  7 primary hormone imbalances that can lead to belly fat, exhaustion, stress, cravings, excessive appetite, moodiness and depression in mid-aged women. Let’s review them one blog at a time, and  I’ll show you some simple rules for how to begin to heal these imbalances in your daily lifestyle. Continue reading